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Do You Want to Get More out of your
Facebook Ads Campaigns?

Are your Facebook Ads not meeting your marketing goals as of lately?

Do you feel your ads need a makeover?

If you want to get more out of your Facebook Ads, this article is for you!

When setting up your Facebook ads, you can choose from multiple ad formats: a static image, carousel, panorama or 360 photo, canvas, or video.

Our recommendation is to give video a try.

Video is on the rise

Facebook insights show the dramatic increase of video consumption:

  • 71% of users say their online video viewing has increased over the past year;
  • People are 1.5X more likely to watch video daily on a smartphone than on a computer;
  • 1 in 5 videos is now a live broadcast;
  • 30% of mobile shoppers say video is the best medium for discovering new products;
  • Business decision makers are 1.64x more likely to consume short-form video clips on Facebook than other platforms;
  • 50% of video advertising revenue came from mobile-first videos in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Here are three reasons you should use Facebook video ads:

  1. Facebook video ads receive 10 to 30% more views compared to imagine ads (source: solocube.com);
  2. Video Ads allow you to build an audience of engaged people which you can retarget;
  3. Ads with videos have lower costs and higher conversions as compared to image ads (source: facebook.com).

Make your ad targeting smarter than your competitors’

Make the most out of your Facebook video ads by targeting warm audiences with various custom audience options:

  • Lookalike audience of your current email list subscribers;
  • Website visitors and lookalike audience;
  • Users who viewed other posts of your Facebook page;
  • Users who interacted with your ads and page posts;
  • People who interacted with your Canvas;
  • Viewers who messaged your page, or clicked on your page button, or commented on any of your posts;
  • Website visitors who abandoned their cart;
  • People who watched other videos on your page;
  • High LTV (lifetime value) customers.

Do you want your customers to watch your video ads? Make them too good to ignore!

If you want your video ads to stand out among the user’s crowded newsfeed, Facebook recommends making sure your ad checks the following features:

  • Subtitles

Include subtitles in your video because nearly 85 percent of video views happen in silent mode.

  • Short length

Keep it short (up to 15 – 30 seconds) and attract their attention early on in the first 5 seconds.

  • Brand mention

Mention your brand in the first 3 seconds: Facebook found that consumers were 23% more likely to remember which brand made a given video ad if the brand was featured in the first three seconds.

  • Visually impactful

Use stunning imagery, make your video visually pleasing.

  • Creative

When using video, let your creativity flow: surprise your viewers with an original point of view, give it a funny twist, or use animated characters.

  • High-quality

Always use high-quality videos and sounds.

  • Edit

If your company is on a budget, use free video editing tools to make your video look professional. Here are a few examples of video editing tools: Lumen5, Legend, Boomerang, Stop Motion Studio, Quik, Piclab, Videoshop.

  • Mobile-first

Create a mobile-first video: Facebook found that mobile-first video are watched for a longer period of time and are more memorable.


  • Vertical

Use vertical videos because statistics say mobile phones are used in portrait mode 98% of the time (source: facebook.com).

Mobile phones are used in portrait mode 98% of the time @facebook Click To Tweet

Influence your audience to click on your Facebook Ad button

Besides vanity metrics like high reach and high number of views, your Facebook Ads are expected to determine the audience to click on your ad’s button that says Purchase, Follow, Sign-in, Download App etc.

How to influence your audience to click on your button?

  • Write a catchy title which shows your UVP (unique value proposition)
  • Use social proof: 83% of consumers in 60 countries say they trust these recommendations over any other form of advertising (source: nielsen.com)
  • Show the benefits of your product or service;
  • Use testimonials;
  • Insert urgency to influence conversions;
  • Include a relevant call-to-action.

Here are 3 examples of Facebook video ads:

  1. FlipBelt

Check out FlipBelt’s success story.

2. Wanderer Bracelets

Check out Wanderer Bracelets’ success story.

3. Inspiralized

Check out Inspiralized’s success story.

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