• Brandminds 2020

Campaigns That We Admire: Grolsch “Awake Your Curiosity Experiment”

Grolsch came with a new challenge for the everyday experimentalist and tried to transpose the emotions that we feel when we are listening to music, visually. The result was a spectacular and full of intensity one.


Through a musical experiment the brand representatives chose three essential ingredients: a live concert, neuroscience and visual art. Grolsch brought in front the emotions and, for a half an hour, succeeded in taking out the daily from the experiment’s participants’ preoccupations. 13 experimentalists took part at  the new Grolsch challenge, enjoying a live Vita de Vie concert and being the main characters in an art moment created ad hoc, with the help of their cerebral activities.

In a world in which we are more and more connected with the technology, we start to be more and more disconnected from what we are each one of us and we forget to analyze the things that truly count. The Grolsch challenge consisted in re-discovering the emotions and in trying to bring the consumers closer to their thoughts and own emotions. The music has the power to wake us up and to make us be more attentive to our needs. The unconventional, the creativity and the idea of always experimenting new things are characteristic elements of the Grolsch brand and this musical experiment demonstrated us that if we keep our mind open and remain curious, we can get out of the routine and experiment new perspectives over the world around us,” said Cristina Gherman – Global Brands director.


The stages of the experiment were simple. The participants didn’t know what will happen and in half an hour they took part of a live concert offered by Vita de Vie, blindfolded and being able only to taste the music. In the meantime, their cerebral activity was monitored with the help of some headsets that are registering the neural activity and transforming the participants’ emotion in small mathematic equations. Those mathematic equations offered the people from the graphic art studio Aural Eye the possibility of working with this pieces of information and transforming them into visual projections.

My relationship with the music is a very special one and I can realize that it brings beautiful things in the life of the person that is accepting it. When you are listening to music with your eyes closed, it’s much easier to concentrate on the sound. We live through music, for the love of music and this experiment fitted like a glove for our band, allowed us to be exactly whom we really are and to transmit the participants to the experiment a part of our emotions, but also offered us the chance to be able to see live what are their reactions. We hope that we succeeded in rising a question mark and that from now on they will be able to re-connect with whom they truly are or at least to try to do it,” said Adrian Despot – Vita de Vie.


The campaign brought Kubis Interactive one Grand FIBRA, two Gold FIBRA, one Silver FIBRA and Gold at Internetic’s Digital Brand Experience. Moreover, it reached 3 million impressions, 1 million people reached and 250,000 video views.

Why we like it:

  • Great,fresh idea and execution
  • The first in the category to do this type of experiment
  • Blending technology with neuroscience and art = unique combination
  • Proving the technology can be our ally rather than a perturbing factor
  • Changed paradigms

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