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15 LinkedIn Statistics
Every Marketer Needs To Know

If you haven’t yet included LinkedIn in your marketing mix, then now is the time.

Here are 15 updated statistics on LinkedIn that you need to know:

1. 610 million members in 200 countries and territories;

2. LinkedIn audience analysis: 46 million B2B decision makers, 10 million C-level executives, 6 million IT decision makers, 17 million opinion leaders, 40 million mass affluent;

source: LinkedIn

3. 30% growth year-over-year in the number of sessions on LinkedIn;

4. 2 professionals join LinkedIn every second;

5. 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management (CEOs, directors, vice-presidents etc);

6. 9 billion content impressions;

7. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content;

8. LinkedIn is the #1 social network for lead generation;

9. 57% of users access LinkedIn on mobile;

10. 2 million posts, articles and videos are published on LinkedIn every day;

11. 80% of leads come from LinkedIn;

12. Elevate, LinkedIn’s employee advocacy program can drive a 24x increase in social media engagement;

13. LinkedIn is the most successful platform for content marketing purposes;

14. There are 30 million company pages;

15. LinkedIn is the most trusted social platform.

source: LinkedIn



LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for B2B companies, salespersons, professionals looking to grow their personal brand, thought leaders and world-changers.

If you are planning to include LinkedIn in your marketing mix, here is another resource for your inspiration: how to use LinkedIn’s native video tool to raise brand awareness and attract leads.

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